Do Facial Sprays Really Help Moisturize Your Skin?



The biggest no? Simply spray a face mist on your makeup during the day. Dr. Pai explains, “A facial spray is best used on freshly cleansed skin. You may feel the need to spray the mist during the day between work and travel, but it just sticks on the makeup and dirt without actually penetrating the skin. ”So while they’re meant to moisturize the skin and To moisturize, the wrong application or skin type could defeat its purpose, she believes.

As a rule of thumb, it is helpful to follow their practical guide: “Before you spray a face mist, your skin must be cleansed. Once the mist is used, it’s important to top it up with an emollient moisturizer to help keep the moisturizing molecules in the skin longer, ”she says. The penalty for not following a moisturizer is in the form of skin that is drier than before. She adds: “In dry and cold weather, or even in an air-conditioned room, the moisture from our skin evaporates. By simply applying a facial spray, the skin’s natural moisture can be further extracted, which further dehydrates it. “

This will keep your skin hydrated all day

Once you have a face mist’s modus operandi under control, you can start using its benefits in your skin care routine. When shopping, Dr. Pai to stay on guard against formulas containing alcohol – dry skin’s worst nemesis. “When you have dry and sensitive skin, alcohol can draw the skin’s natural moisture away and leave it dry, defeating the whole purpose of using a facial spray,” she warns.

The final result? If you’re looking for hydrated, glowing skin, you might not want to rely solely on facial mist to get there. For those looking for hydrated skin, topical application of aloe gel, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid gel can also go a long way, she believes. “You can also look for supplements that contain ingredients like sodium hyaluronate, glycerin, astaxanthin, vitamin E, evening primrose oil, and omega-3 fish oil capsules that can be very beneficial to the skin. Certain DIY masks made from honey, milk, glycerin, and lemon juice also help moisturize and refresh the skin, ”she suggests.

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