Coromega Introduces Best-in-Class Omega-3 Emulsified Fish Oil Supplement for Pets: Pup Packets®



“In our twenty year journey to making the best omega-3s, we’ve found pet owners face many challenges when it comes to administering fish oil to their pets,” said Andrew Aussie, chief operating officer. “So we used our emulsified omega-3 technology to make our first pet food supplement. Each pup packet contains thirty times the omega-3s of a typical pet chew, simply too little food for what they really need. “

Our puppy packs are the first emulsified fish oil for dogs to offer several benefits not available in omega-3 fish oil bottles and pet chews:

  1. Better absorption – Our emulsified formula has clinically proven better absorption properties, making it easier for our pets to digest.
  2. Easier to Use, No Mess – Unlike liquid oils, our emulsified formulas are more like a gel, making it easier to serve straight or in a dog bowl with no mess.
  3. Stronger Dose – Our emulsified formula delivers a stronger dose of omega-3 fatty acids at 650 milligrams, which is more than thirty times higher than typical omega-3 chews, so you can give your dog the dose he really needs.

Our clinical nutrition expert, Dr. Doug Bibus PhD added, “People are typically unaware that pets like dogs have similar needs for healthy omega-3 fats. This need is often not met and is even exacerbated in the pet food industry today ”due to the reliance on omega-6-rich grains that cause omega imbalance. EPA and DHA fatty acids are critical to your health and wellbeing Hundes.Coromega Pup Packages offer an incredibly innovative way to perform the critical omega-3s that your dog’s heart, eyes, brain, joints and immune system depend on. “Dr. Bibus is an expert in the field of omega-3s -Fatty acids.

Coromega worked with the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) to ensure the highest nutritional standards. Pup packets are available in two versions, each with 650 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids with EPA & DHA, sustainably certified by Friends of the Sea®, as well as sugar and gluten free:

  • Condition Pup packages: To support the skin and the immune system with vitamin E.
  • Mobility Pup packages: To support joint and muscle mobility

Coromega puppy packages® are available nationwide in pet shops and on in stand-up pouches with 30 pieces and an RRP of $ 19.99 per unit, including,,, and Amazon. Please visit for more information.

About Coromega®®
Coromega®, Maker of delicious emulsified marine and vegetarian oils that provide healthy fats for healthy living. Originally formulated by a Norwegian scientist looking for a way to encourage his granddaughter to ingest her fish oil, Coromega® was perfected after more than 10 years of research. Founded in 1999, the company manufactures and sells a wide range of nutritional supplements, including Coromega Max, Kids Omega-3, MCT and Omega-3 Gummies. Find out more about Coromega products on and visit the brand on Facebook and Instagram.

SOURCE The Coromega Company


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