Jay Cutler is concerned about CTE



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Former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler played long enough to take a lot of hits. Now that his career is over, Cutler worries that he has received too many hits on the head.

“I’ve damaged enough things and brains and heart and everything in my life, if I make it to 80 or something after that I’ll be happy,” Cutler told GQ’s Clay Skipper of the New York Post.

Is he thinking of Chronic Traumatic Enzephelopathy?

“Oh, absolutely,” said Cutler. “I would say my memory is definitely not the same as it was five years ago. The number of concussions I’ve had is probably in the double digits. Eventually it will catch up with me. I’m just trying to delay it as much as possible. “

Cutler says he cut sugar and increased fish oil intake to protect himself from potential cognitive problems.

However, like the vast majority of gamers, Cutler has no regrets and would do it again.

“I definitely would,” said Cutler. “I wouldn’t even question it. I would register immediately. The relationships I’ve made, the memories I have, the lifestyle I and my kids are used to [to]. It outweighs the benefits. In my thoughts. There may be some people who say, ‘Hey, this is crazy.’ But I would do it again and again, no question about it. “

The consequences of CTE are still not fully known or understood. Still, any player who has played football long enough to get into the NFL understandably has concerns about what the future holds.


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