The revision of the supply chain leads to a new line of omega-3 algae concentrates



The company produces ocean-friendly, vegan omega-3 ingredients from microalgae. Algarithm’s strain comes from the Canadian Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia and is processed in North America using a proprietary, solvent-free, water-based extraction method.

Overhaul of the supply chain

While reviewing the supply chain, Algarithm found that a cheaper and more sustainable way to create this new concentrate line had been found.

“As a supplier of omega-3 algae, sustainability is a cornerstone of our business and our brand. It is therefore important to us that we make optimal use of the raw materials we use. We knew that when our Alphamega3 oils were processed, only a small amount of DHA was present in the co-stream. So we made the recovery of usable DHA a priority and set ourselves the task of developing a method to recover this valuable ingredient, “said Kati Phillips, Marketing Director for Algarithmus:” The result of this focus is the Thetamega3 line of algae -Omega-3 concentrates. “

Phillips highlighted three newly discovered benefits:

  1. It converts otherwise wasted omega-3 fatty acids into a usable product, thus expanding the use of raw materials.
  2. Higher DHA concentrations in the final product allow Algarithm to meet the demand from formulators in the supplement industry for highly potent omega-3 ingredients.
  3. By using the co-stream of Alphamega3 production and recovering additional DHA, the company is able to bring a highly effective omega-3 algae component to the market at comparatively low costs.

Do thetamega

The Thetamega3 line consists of a series of esterified omega-3 ingredients that are produced through precise secondary distillation of the co-stream obtained from Algarithms Alphamega3 algae omega-3 oils.

Phillips explained that the starting material for Thetamega3 is carefully converted into ethyl ester form so that it can better remove impurities and free fatty acids. It is then distilled to remove the unwanted fatty acids, leaving only DHA or EPA in high concentration. After concentration, the product is re-esterified to triglyceride (r-TG form).

“The result of this finely tuned, expert-led processing is an r-TG product that is not only effective, but also has the highest triglyceride composition – more than 90% triglyceride and less than 1% ethyl ester – of all algae omega-3s -Fatty Acids Focus on the market today. This results in superior sensory performance and a product that takes into account the natural form of our pristine algae source of omega-3 fatty acids, ”said Phillips.

Clean taste, more space

“The demand for certain types of products containing our omega-3s has increased over this period as people learn more about the benefits of taking omega-3s regularly, particularly reducing inflammation and the Supports the immune system, “said Phillips.

Conversely, she added that the main reason people stop taking omega-3s is because of a poor sensory experience (fishy belching). “Thetamega3 is expanding Algarithm’s offering of clean-tasting, high-quality omega-3 ingredients that enable more people to follow a routine of taking omega-3 supplements.”

Phillips said these concentrates offer cleaner taste due to minimal processing and because their final composition is less than 1% ethyl ester and over 90% triglyceride (30% higher than the industry standard).

The potency allows the capsule size to be reduced without losing space for other ingredients and offers more versatility for customers, she added.

“With the Thetamega3 line, we can offer our customers greater formulation flexibility at a very competitive price while reducing our environmental impact,” said Ben Kelly, Managing Director of Algarithm.

Algarithmus said their concentrates are best for supplement and nutraceutical uses where dosage and / or capsule size are important considerations. The new ingredient is currently available in a 650 mg / g DHA formula, with a 750 mg / g DHA formula and a pure EPA formula on the way.


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