One hectare of new Omega-3 Ahiflower® plants provides as much oil as 80,000 sardines



WINSTON-SALEM, NC, October 30, 2015 / PRNewswire / – An all new vegetable seed oil that contains the highest percentage of omega-3 fatty acids from a non-genetically modified crop is getting closer to consumers. This new oilseed crop has more than four times the omega-3 benefits of flaxseed oil and is at the forefront of an emerging trend: plants that are exceptionally high in biologically superior omega-3 fatty acids. This new proprietary vegetable oil – AHIFLOWER®, developed by Nature’s Crops International – is expected to play a critical role as marine springs cannot sustainably meet long-term global needs for these essential fatty acids. For optimal human health, the recommended doses of fish oil are between 250 and 1,000 mg per day.

AHIFLOWER Oil – a new class of biologically advanced omega-3 fatty acids – is by far the highest known source of non-GMO stearidonic acid (SDA). The oil is a superior source of bioavailable omega-3 fatty acids because, unlike other plants like flax, it is high in SDA, which humans easily convert into useful eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) found in fish. AHIFLOWER Oil converts to EPA 300 to 400 percent more efficiently than flaxseed oil. Since AHIFLOWER Oil also contains the Omega-6-GLA, it effectively combines the benefits of fish oil and evening primrose oil in one product.

Numerous peer-reviewed journal articles demonstrate the health benefits of omega-3 supplementation in the human diet and many respected global health authorities, including the United States Food and Drug Administration, the European Food Safety Authority, the American Heart Association, and the The American Dietetic Association and the Agency for Health Research and Quality recognize their importance to human health.

“These fatty acids are called ‘essential’ for a reason,” he says Alex Richardson, PhD, Senior Research Fellow at Oxford University Center for Evidence-Based Intervention and founding director of Food and Behavior (FAB) Research, a UK charity.

“Omega-3s are critical to human health but are relatively absent in modern Western diets – and low intake has been linked to a variety of mental and physical health problems, including developmental and psychiatric disorders such as ADHD and depression. It is therefore imperative that mankind has reliable and trustworthy supplies. The most important omega-3 fatty acids are the long chain forms EPA and DHA. These are found in fish and seafood, but more sustainable and vegetarian of these vital fats are badly needed. ”

Richardson is internationally known for her research on omega-3 fatty acids and human behavior, and has published more than 90 studies to her credit. She is also the author of You Are What You Feed Them, a book designed to help parents and professionals understand the relationships between diet and behavior in children.

“SDA-containing vegetable oils are much more effective at increasing the omega-3 index than ALA-containing oils such as flaxseed and should therefore offer superior health benefits,” notes Dr. Bill Harris, a leading researcher in numerous studies of omega-3 fatty acids. 3 fatty acids including SDA. Harris is a co-inventor of the omega-3 index, a measure of the level of omega-3 in the blood, and the author of over 275 scientific publications, including many on fatty acids.

“The sources of essential fatty acids for humans and animals will likely look very different in 10 years,” predicts Andrew Hebard, President and CEO of TCI, the holding company for Nature’s Crops, and an expert in specialty crops and vegetable oils. “At this point in time, it is very likely that most of these fatty acids, which are so important for human and animal health, are obtained from sources other than fish.”

A natural, non-genetically modified source of essential fatty acids

The industry has taken one of two paths to address the deficiency in these essential fatty acids: genetically modifying existing plants or, like Nature’s Crops, using the biodiversity approach. The company looked for plants that contained naturally occurring high levels of biologically superior omega-3 fatty acids, selected the most appropriate, and then used natural plant breeding and enhancement techniques to optimize the concentration of omega-3 fatty acids. These measures complemented the company’s detailed agronomic field research, which enabled skilled farmers to produce a sustainable and reliable crop. Nature’s Crops has also conducted efficacy and safety studies on AHIFLOWER Oil and has received full regulatory approval in the US and US Europe. The entire process took over a decade.

The fruits of this labor are now literally being harvested as the first crops of Buglossoides arvensis’ proprietary brand AHIFLOWER are now being harvested in the UK. Natures Crops manages the entire supply chain from soil to oil, enabling full traceability, safety and sustainability guarantees.

“It may take a small, oily fish like a sardine to produce just one 1000 mg capsule of fish oil,” explains Hebard. “But one hectare of this new crop can produce roughly 80,000 capsules of AHIFLOWER oil. Thus, each hectare of this new crop produces as much oil as 80,000 of these small and increasingly endangered fish from the wild.”

Satisfying consumer demand

The oil obtained from the harvest is crushed, refined and packaged in capsules and will be available to consumers at the beginning of 2016.

Consumers interested in this new oil are those who:

  • If you are using flaxseed oil, however, you want a vegetable oil that offers greater omega-3 benefits
  • Don’t ask for genetically modified omega-3 fatty acids
  • Look for vegetarian or vegan options
  • Are concerned about fish oil contamination
  • Want a sustainable, natural, plant-based oil because of concerns about overfishing in the world’s oceans
  • Are attracted to the combination of fish oil and primrose oil
  • I don’t like the taste of fish oil

Business opportunities for supplement companies

Nature’s Crops is currently looking for US and European supplement or nutraceutical companies interested in exclusive licensing partnerships for the new oil. More information is available at or

About Nature’s Crops International

Nature’s Crops International is a manufacturer of specialty oils for dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, food and personal care products, producing oils from the highest quality plants grown by farmers who adhere to strict management protocols for sustainability and identity retention. Nature’s Crops ensures that the crops it produces are grown, processed, packaged and shipped in a safe, sustainable, traceable and cost effective manner. The company has offices in Prince Edward Island and the UK, headquartered in North Carolina.

Contact: before Alice919.293.0243, ext. 201

SOURCE Nature’s Crops International

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